A team with over 15 years experience in the acquisition, planning and development of prime London locations for the sale of authorised investment projects.

We have secured various sites within London’s financial district to develop into residential properties. Costs involved in appraising sites that do not meet the minimum criteria to purchase will be paid by the company and not taken from any investment monies. Full accounting records will be submitted to Investors after project maturity.

Why choose us?

Since we introduced our unique property investment opportunity, we have noticed a rise in firms appearing to offer a similar proposition.  How does our proposition differ?  We are both the Investment and Property Development Company. We are not brokers or agents for 3rd party developments.  Our company invests its own money into every development along with our investors.  We are therefore more invested in the success of a project in comparison with a 3rd party broker.

Invest in London Property

The Company has been authorised to issue secured loan notes at a fixed rate of interest which will be secured against the proposed properties by way of First Legal Charge registered with the Land Registry. Once the company has identified and agreed the project that meets the specified parameters, a loan is granted by the company to fund the project.

We always ensure our investors are fully informed about our project before entering into an Investment Contract and therefore we strongly recommend a site visit to meet both members of our team and see the investment sites in person.



An experienced team of developers and architects with a proven track record of securing prime, lucrative developments affording a lucrative return for our investors.


This is a guide to the process we follow to ensure a return to investors, supported by careful planning and costing throughout the life cycle of a project.

Invest in London Property


Before we commit to a development we carry out extensive market research to ensure a location is desirable and can yield the return we expect for our investors. Local authority searches are carried out along with sophisticated feasibility studies, drawing on the years of experience we have in our dedicated planning team.

Invest in London Property


Over 15 years in this industry has meant we have strategic relationships with solicitors, architects and construction companies to ensure projects run on time, within budget and observe all regulatory requirements.  Our developments have a reputation for their contemporary and high tech designs.

Invest in London Property


Upon completion we have a network of leading agents as well as long term strategic partnerships, ensuring our units are sold swiftly with the maximum return given the current market value. Return on investment to our clients is key, hence our marketing strategy on completion is robust to secure maximum exposure in the property market.


This investment is for Certified High Net Worth and Sophisticated Investors only. We ensure our investors are fully informed about our project before engaging with us. We conduct open day events and site visits to meet both members of our team and to see the investment sites in person.